17 05/04

Shoutcast streams on connected DVD player

With the V3 of the firmware
for the D5 DVD players (GoVideo D2730, Gateway Connected DVD player, or
a few others), they added the ability to stream from UPnP media servers. They did this to support Musicmatch, Rhapsody, and others. The benefit from this is that you can now configure your own UPnP media server and avoid the D5 software all together.


I don’t mind the D5 software for the most part, so I don’t want to completely replace it. Especially now that I’ve hacked it to allow for playing files off of shared network drives. The only thing I can’t get it to play are shoutcast streams. So, I set off to find out how to get this working, and it turned out to be really easy.


First, download the TwonkyVision Standalone Media Server. I know, it’s a stupid name but it works. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page to download the zip file. There’s also a Winamp plugin that will load the server when Winamp runs and will share your media in your Winamp Media Library. It’s another option, but I like running the standalone server as a service.


Unzip MediaServer.exe to a directory and the radio.m3u file. Use Winamp to add any Shoutcast streams you want to the radio.m3u file. Add a cmd prompt, type MediaServer.exe -install to install the server as a Windows Service.


That’s it. Go to your DVD player and search for servers. You should have your original D5 server and your new TwonkyVision server. Select a stream from your playlist and enjoy streaming music for free!


Running the server as a Windows Service is somewhat unreliable for
me. Sometimes it can find the media it’s supposed to serve and
sometimes it does not. It’s pretty reliable if you just run it by

16 05/04

D5 Media Server Hacks

A while back I created a program to allow me to
set network drives to be indexed with the D5 Media Server. It
allowed me to play my movies and MP3’s on a shared network drive on my
D2730. Well, “jnz” posted an even better solution over on
pvrblog. He disassembled the executable and found a few bits to
flip to add some functionality to D5MediaServer.exe. I’ve tried these out and they work well. If you are not comfortable in a hex editor, you can use my program. Here’s his post fro
m pvrblog:

I’ve been poking around some more and I’ve found a couple places that can be patched. I’ll describe them here.


Effect: Lets you drag and drop network files from Explorer

Search for: 83 F8 03 75 77

Change the last two bytes to: 90 90



Effect: Makes network drives show up in the media import tab

Search for: 83 F8 03 74 05 83 F8 06

Change the last byte to: 04



Effect: Unknown

Search for: 83 FF 03 75 E9

Change the last two bytes to: 90 90


not quite sure what #3 does. It seems to be some sort of sanity check
on requested files. If you can add files but can’t play them, you might
try #3 and see if it helps. I have mine working without having to use
#3 though.



14 05/04

GoVideo D2730 Firmware V3

GoVideo relased V3 of their firmware in the last few days. Everything is a little more polished. Here’s their list of features:

• MPEG4 Transcoding, enabling you to watch MPEG4 movie files.
• Ability to view BMP, TIFF, PICT, PSD, and JPEG files.
• Support for other UPnP (Universal Plug ‘n’ Play) compatible premium servers, such as Musicmatch, Rhapsody, Fjord, etc. Note: GoVideo customers can try Real Rhapsody free for 30 days! To download Rhapsody go to http://www.listen.com/govideo.
You must enable UPnP in the User Settings of Rhapsody (click on
Options, then select User Settings, click on the UPnP tab, and then
Start Server).

  •  StreamLinkâ„¢ 2.0/Improved wireless streaming in noisy environments.
  •  Autoconnect for seamless network setup.
  •  More friendly UI and navigation.
  •  Default thumbnails for pictures.
  •  Unified DB to access media from several PC’s through 1 server connection.
  •  ADHOC slideshow to allow any music stream simultaneously with images.