06 08/10

Congrats to Jessie

Congratulations to Jessie for making it into the writer’s workshop group with one of her favorite authors. More details on her site. I’ve read her story and it is very good.

05 01/09

My dream has come true

Picasa for the Mac has finally been released (in beta).  I can’t stand iPhoto so I have been without a good photo management app since I moved.  So far so good.


05 06/08

Sad DeVry Ad

I saw this ad this weekend and it made me sad.  For so many reasons…


13 10/07

Xbox content stats

Here are the stats as they are right now:

  • 8 weeks
  • 20 phone calls
  • 4 promises of callbacks that never happened
  • 2 faxes
  • 7 hours on the phone
  • They hung up on me twice
  • I hung up on them twice (kindly)

All for about $33 worth of stuff that Jessie can’t use under her account anymore because Microsoft makes crappy hardware.

For those interested in keeping score at home, I moved my personal notes from Backpack to a page here.