05 06/08

Sad DeVry Ad

I saw this ad this weekend and it made me sad.  For so many reasons…


24 07/07

Austin Time Warner Switched Digital Channels

For the past few weeks I’ve been considering a Series 3 Tivo (and now the new Tivo HD) but Austin has switched digital and I could not find a list of channels I could not receive without a 2-way cable card.

Here is the list I got from Time Warner today. The list was a lot longer than I expected. Hopefully Google will pick this up and it will help others in the same situation.

13 09/06


Jessie and I just got back from a 7 day cruise and we very much enjoyed the trip. It’s the first trip in a long time where we were not ready to come home at the end. We were trying to figure out the best way to stow away for the next week.

We took a bunch of pictures and I put the best ones up for general viewing here. I’m pretty happy with how a lot of them came out and I’ve even used a few to make new headers for this site (one showing right now, others may rotate in).

We used the [asa link]B00065L5TO[/asa] for our

[asa link]B00064O89Y[/asa] to take a bunch of pictures while snorkeling and swimming with stingrays. It was a lot of fun.

14 08/06

Moved Jessie to Typo

We spent a while this weekend moving Jessie’s blog from dasBlog to Typo on Textdrive. This gets the last thing off the server in our pantry (formerly the server in the bathroom). She’s still messing with the tweaking the theme but it’s looking pretty good.

For those interested in redirecting using the Typo redirects table should check out this diff to make sure the redirects are working correctly. I went a little further and added a default page rather than the standard “Page not found” text. Here’s what I added to Jessie’s redirect controller.

from = params[:from].join(“/”) if params[:from].kind_of?(Array)
r = Redirect.find_by_from_path(from)
r = Redirect.find_by_from_path(“*”) if !r

And then I added one of her standard pages for the * (default) redirect.