16 03/05

Alt-Tab List

Here’s the application I mentioned in my previous post.
I’m pretty happy with it’s current state so I’m gonna put a copy up for
others to try if they are interested. Right now I think it’s a
pretty good replacement for Alt-Tab, and I’ve got some ideas for future

It’s got two “modes” of operation:

Standard – If you hold down alt and keep hitting tab it works just
like the Windows Alt-Tab (and it also supports Alt-Shift-Tab).

Enhanced (or some other cool name) – If you just hit alt-tab
once the window stays up and lets you select with the arrow keys or
mouse. This gives you a chance to take a bit longer to decide
where you are going without being forced to hold down Alt. Also,
you can hit “x” to close any application while in this mode.

That’s about it. Read the Readme file to figure out how to “install” it.


07 03/05

dCut for Media Center

I don’t use my Media Center for recording TV. I still use my
ReplayTV for TV and the Media Center is just for watching other movies
and listening to music. One of the main reasons I use the
ReplayTV is the fact that it recognizes commercials and allows you to
skip them (our old Replay died so we no longer have auto commercial
skip). I saw some information about the new version of dCut
and I’m thinking it’s getting closer to what I want. dCut allows
you to edit and compress recorded shows. The new interface and
new features look good but you still have to cut commercials by hand. But it looks great for archiving.

Though I’m not sure how well it would work, I’d like to see is some
sort of P2P commercial cutting application. As I watch a show I
could mark commercials and then other people in my area could download
a small file that contained commercial locations and could
automatically skip them on their recorded version of the show.
But maybe that would be stealing TV…

07 03/05

Alt-Tab replacement

always hated how Windows does Alt-Tab. Especially if I have
multiple windows of the same application. You have to tab through
each thing to get the title of the application. Usually I have to
tab through twice because I miss what I’m looking for. That ends
up wasting the time I did Alt-Tab to save.

I really liked how Ctrl-Tab works with some plugins in Firefox and also Witch
for OS X. I looked for a long time for Alt-Tab
replacements. Almost everything I saw was similar to the standard
Alt-Tab except it added thumbnails when you tabbed to something.
That might look kinda cool, but it’s pretty useless since I know what
my windows look like.

So I decided to create my own Alt-Tab replacement that actually
shows the items as a list with all the window titles. I’ve still
got a couple bugs to work out, but I think it’s looking pretty