07 03/05

Alt-Tab replacement

always hated how Windows does Alt-Tab. Especially if I have
multiple windows of the same application. You have to tab through
each thing to get the title of the application. Usually I have to
tab through twice because I miss what I’m looking for. That ends
up wasting the time I did Alt-Tab to save.

I really liked how Ctrl-Tab works with some plugins in Firefox and also Witch
for OS X. I looked for a long time for Alt-Tab
replacements. Almost everything I saw was similar to the standard
Alt-Tab except it added thumbnails when you tabbed to something.
That might look kinda cool, but it’s pretty useless since I know what
my windows look like.

So I decided to create my own Alt-Tab replacement that actually
shows the items as a list with all the window titles. I’ve still
got a couple bugs to work out, but I think it’s looking pretty