27 02/06

Xbox 360 shopping

Since it’s less than a month till Oblivion is available (still March 21th), Jessie and I decided it’s about time to start looking for a 360. I’m hoping that by waiting a while after launch I avoid some of the problems I had with the Xbox I got at launch time.

I’d like to buy my 360 from Best Buy since I have their Reward Zone program (or somewhere online without tax). I could call the store every day to see if they get any in, but I’m lazy. So, I downloaded and setup the BestBuy Xbox 360 Inventory Checker that will hopefully email me and send me a text message when one is available. So far it looks pretty cool. To hedge my bets I’ve also been monitoring the Xbox 360 Tracker. Hopefully one of those methods will find us a 360 in the next 20 days.

22 02/06

Yahoo! Music Engine Update


So I mentioned my trouble with Yahoo! Music Engine a while back. Howerver, it looks like there’s a new version with a lot of new features and fixes. It looks like they adressed a few of the issues I had with it (and maybe even fixed some of my other problems) For new features, I especially like the idea of the new built-in UPnP Server. It would have been great back when I was using the Gateway Connected DVD player or if I had an Xbox 360 without XP Media Center.

If I had not wasted my whole free trial trying to get the old YME working on at least one of my computers, I would probably try it out again.